I was thinking today about the video for Just Like Heaven and how the drummer had this upside-down cymbal that made a very short crashy sound and I decided every drummer should have a short crashy cymbal because c’mon cymbals last way too long for the most part. No one wants to listen to a cymbal drown out everything for hours on end. Tighten that shit up.

That got me to thinking about the opening drum fill on Inbetween Days and so I listened to just that part like 500 times. My brain couldn’t process what was happening.

It’s like how sometimes I’ll listen to the opening riff of When Doves Cry over and over because scientists to this day still can’t figure out what exactly is happening in that thing.

P.S. That riff was my ringtone for a while until I realized it stressed me out whenever I got a call because like what is Prince even doing I can’t deal and I don’t need that in my life every time the cable company wants to know why I’m such a no-good skinflint layabout.