Do what you gotta do

Beth Gibbons Upon hearing that Beth Gibbons, former front-lady for 90s trip-hop pioneers Portishead had done a solo album with the former bassist from Talk Talk (currently naming himself Rustin Man for reason I have yet to decipher) I was intrigued. Portishead is one of those bands you had to have liked during, say, 1996 through maybe 1999, but after that I’d just say you were a little misguided.

Always open to giving former musical influences of mine a chance, I procured “Out of Season” and have given it a good solid listen. Unforunately, I agree basically 100% with Pitchfork on this one – the first two tracks are excellent, but after that, your attention wanders and you end up at the end of the album not realized you’ve heard the entire thing and can only really recall tracks 1 through 2.

Fortunately enough for you, I’ll be making these two tracks available. There’s a lot to like in these tracks and if you like(d) Portishead then you can’t possibly be let down by Beth Gibbons’s voice, but I’ll be sparing you the disappointment of getting sick of her by the end of this album.

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