Take that chance one more time

wrmThe reality of things is that I’ve been 80s retro since high school, so all you bandwagoners are just straight trippin. Okay so the last part isn’t true, but I have been listening to The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Smiths, Morrissey, New Order, The Glove and on and on since I was about 16.

Which doesn’t make me cooler than you. In fact it makes me way, way less cool, because for many years instead of finding new music, I was depending on the old standbys to be there.

Which is why it’s so great to hear a band like White Rose Movement: they evoke the sensibilities of the aforementioned without directly aping the sounds. *Cough*The Bravery*Cough. Ahem.

Similar in ways to She Wants Revenge, White Rose Movement simply feels more… authentic. And plus there’s She Wants Revenge’s whole mission of making girls “…want to cry. Or dance. Or maybe both at the same time” that White Rose Movement doesn’t seem to have. Take that how you will. Either way, this is danceable but deep, 80s retro (but better) music. These tracks are from the forthcoming album “Kick.”

If you like: She Wants Revenge, VHS or Beta, Bloc Party

White Rose Movement in iTunes