Flick Off!

Since Tai currently works in the digital identity field and since I worked in it just over a year ago, digital identity articles are always interesting to me, especially when they include such staples for me as Yahoo! and Flickr.

“If Flickr really forces me to join Yahoo in 2006 in order to still use my account, I will quit 24 hours before the deadline,” wrote Thomas Müller, a Hamburg, Germany-based artist who shows more than 1,400 photos at the site. On Wednesday, Müller created a protest group, Flick Off, that has attracted almost 400 members.

I seriously don’t get that. Sign up for a stupid fucking Yahoo! account and shut the hell up already. It’s Flickr’s product, not yours, maybe if you’d been asked if you cared one way or the other, you might have some griping to do, but christ. Do I find it a little sad that Flickr thought it a good move to delete your pictures in 2006 if you don’t sign up for a Yahoo! account? Yeah, I do. You should have the choice to federate your two identities, or keep your Flickr identity stand-alone, but you shouldn’t be forced to do something with an account that you aren’t comfortable.

If this was maybe an online banking account issue, or something a little more secure and important than personal photo sharing, I might see a desire and a strong reason to stir things up and talk on Wired.com about how much of a baby you are. But Flickr? Yahoo? Not a big deal. Suck it up and choose a Yahoo! ID.

Now if this was MSN doing this.. I’d probably have canceled my Flickr account within minutes. But that’s just me.