Rest in Peace

Yesterday morning, my wife and I found out that an old friend from high school, Arlene Gavrilis (who was also one of my wife’s bridesmaids) was killed in a car accident, on the day that was to be her wedding day.

We mourn this loss and our love and well-wishes are sent to the Gavrilis Family and Adam, her fiance.

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  1. Oh my God! That is absolutely horrible. Sorry to hear the bad news and will say a pray for you, your wife and the family.

  2. Oh man, Im so sorry. I saw that news story last night, so scary when it hits this close to home.

  3. Hey, I found this site online through this specific post. I was supposed to be one of the groomsmen for the wedding but ended up carrying the casket. The wedding was today by the way, this has been the hardest 5 days of my life and I’m still in disbelief. I mean, I had talked to her just hours before it happened, it’s unbearable.

  4. I was at the funeral yesterday. it was really hard for us, i can’t believe how hard it must have been for you guys. i knew rob in high school and the entire thing just makes me sick to my stomach. give my love to the family and if adam needs help with anything, please let us know.

  5. You were at the funeral? I didn’t know you knew her that well, or Rob. I’ll be sure to tell Adam the next time I talk to him. I’m trying to get as involved with the memorial fund as I can.

  6. we had fallen out of touch… but the first show i ever played in with a band was at her birthday party when she turned 16, i have pictures of my wife and i that were taken by her when we were teenagers, and my wife had known her since they were in middle school. kristi and arlene and alisa were a trio for years.

  7. Holy crap, you guys go back that far with her? And I remember Adam saying something about this once, she was really into Photography in high school and did the pictures for Catch 22 at one point.

  8. Wow, that is good. I can’t stop looking at it lol. That is an amazing picture! And you guys were graduating that year right?

  9. Kevin, found this site when looking for news about Arlene. Just wanted to send my best wishes to you guys and say how nice it was to see you. Hope to stay in touch.

  10. Arlene has been a part of our family for nearly eight years. I loved her as my own daughter and Josh and Alex as their sister. She was beautiful, way funny, and highly intelligent…..after all she chose my son to love. I always thought of the two of them as the “Bogey & Bacall” of their tight knit group. They were truly sole mates….they were each other’s best friend…..and they adored one another. I never knew of a cross word between them…..she would sometimes roll her eyes at him but always with love. Arlene’s family and ours are so devastated by the loss of our dear Arlene there are no words than can describe the pain. We will miss her and love her always.

    Adam’s mom

  11. I just wanted to tell Adam ANd Arlene a lot of things but I would not even knoe where to begin. I tried to get of hold of Adam but I don’t know what I would say. I think about you all the time and for the longest time, even still, I just kept thinking it was all made up. I was mad that I didn’t get invited to your wedding and did not hear of the tragedy until after the memorial. Adam and Arlene both were good friends of mine, I even remember when Adam worked at 24 hour fitness and all I would hear about was this Adam gut and one night we had him over to her apartment to watch X-Files of course and the rest was history. I watched their relationship grow like a budding flower and even became friends with all of Adam’s friends. We spent so many nights together drinking coffee and being philisophical. Arlene introduced me to the rock-A-billy lifestyle. I took her to The Church for th efirst time and she took me to swing dancing for the first time. When she met Adam her whole life changed and we all knew it would last forever. I always thought of you two and tried so hard to keep in touch. Arlene made an impact on my soul that only she and I will ever understand I still cannot execpt the pain she had to go through. I would replace myself if I could, she was too close to the happily ever after and it sickens me that a spilt second can take it all away. I am still soo angry at all of this because no madder how you look at it, it will never be far… I love YOU Arlene …I love you Adam….ARLENE….I just don’t know what to say exept it not far… I love you so much but I know you are looking down on all of smiling and looking over the world and its beauty and the impact you left on everyone that loved you…..I love You forever……Amy Clifton