Microsoft Invented Desktop Search

Ugh. This guy needs a refresher course in modern computer history.

Essentially, here are the main points from the above link:

  1. Microsoft unveiled search features in 2003 that will be included in Longhorn, due mid-2006
  2. Apple and Google copied the idea and created software that is a pale subset of what Microsoft is promising
  3. Apple has been busy “copping” features from Windows since Jobs returned in ’96.
  4. Apple has a “tiny” market-share so very few people will benefit from Spotlight
  5. The new “MSN Toolbar Suite” represents a step in the promised direction that Longhorn is taking

This is wrong in so many ways. The first of which is that Longhorn will definitely not ship in 2006, and even if it does, Mac users will be using MacOS X 10.6, which will undoubtedly include updates and added features to Spotlight. The second thing he’s wrong about is that Apple’s been working on desktop search since fucking Copland, and Sherlock in OS 8 was the first application that could search your local drive as well as the internet from the same interface. Oh, and as far as Google goes… what the fuck else would Google be doing now? They’ve got web search down cold, desktop search is the next frontier for them. A logical move for Google.

You all know how wrong a statement “Apple’s been copping features from Windows since 1996″ is. I don’t even need to fucking go there, nor do I need to go into the concept that over 90% of the world’s media and content is created or laid-out using a Mac, extending its influence far beyond its “tiny” market-share.

This is just another instance of a Windows pundit thinking he knows stuff about Apple and the world in general by what Microsoft has told him. The world is a lot different when you take off those XP-colored glasses, buddy.