0 thoughts on “Vote or STFU

  1. Personally, I am glad to be Canadian. Though I can’t vote in the US election, obviously, at least I have a country safe from your maniacal, corporate earpiece-wearing chimpanzee president.

    Americans vote for Dick Cheney? Boo.

    Incidentally, if any Kerry supporters want to move North, please do it! Canada’s a cool place.

  2. not if you fuckers had voted for the amendment that allowed Colorado to split its electoral votes proportionally. and canadian_reader, the entire world is affected by this fucktard.

  3. I did vote for the electoral split …. problem is that if the majority of the states did it there would never be enough electoral votes for one candidate to win …. we would have the 250 – 250 type issue we have now as the 270 electoral votes is a federal law that the states WONT/CANT change.

  4. I did vote for that, but it didn’t pass…AND…only the state of Colorado and it’s 9 electoral votes (about 2 percent of all the electoral votes) were to be effected. so I continue to agree with my statement, NO…it doesn’t matter in the state of Colorado.

  5. It’s true, when colorado has 9 votes and that is going to make or break an election, by splitting it up, we effectively throw that control away… the more states that do it, the less likely the current electoral system would even work.

  6. it’s all kyle’s fault; the fall of our democracy, our soon to be one party system much like China and north Korea… thanks…