Thanks, Macromedia!

I’d just like to go ahead and extend a few thank-yous to Macromedia right about now:

1. Thanks for making me delete the cached ActionScript 2 classes directory every time I export a SWF using AS2! I think it’s really cool that you won’t let me set a preference to automatically use the newest version of a class if the FLA resides on a server! Deleting that directory every time I export is a treat!

2. Oh, and your bug-checking tools can’t be beat! I mean, not telling me a MovieClip doesn’t exist when I try to use it in ActionScript but instead just doing nothing at all is tops! I mean, what MORON would type “UIScrollBar” instead of “UIScrollbar?”

3. Also, the fact that the Flex server is $12,000.00 and that FlexBuilder doesn’t work on Macintosh, I mean, this stuff is really ground-breaking. Let alone the fact that you can’t download developer versions of this stuff. I didn’t need that $8.99 and those 3 days in order to get a CD from you, anyway.

Hats off to Macromedia for being another awesome closed-source developer of software development tools!