Sure to make Microsoft Execs Everywhere Happy!

Details have been released about several vulnerabilities in Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, and Thunderbird. These can potentially be exploited by malicious people to conduct cross-site scripting attacks, access and modify sensitive information, and compromise a user’s system.

The link in question. . .

*Moves back over to IE on his WinBlows machine.*
I kid, I kid.

Seriously though, this doesn’t even affect the latest version of the programs, and the exploit is miniscule compared to those in IE. So, yeah, not a big deal. I’ve been using Firefox since it was still .5, I forget what it was called back then, Firebird maybe?

The only thing that concerns me here is that any time there’s even a minor security exploit in Firefox, Microsoft will mention it in a Press Release and it will make IE look like it’s on equal ground with Firefox where security is concerned. Psh.

By the way, I have posting privlidges now <3 Kev.

0 thoughts on “Sure to make Microsoft Execs Everywhere Happy!

  1. *Enters blog through mountain pass with weapon in hand*Are we playing a MUD here?PS. Microsoft sucks ass, it’s their fault there are security flaws.

  2. Yeah, Microsoft sucks ass. Unfortunately I still can’t afford a Powerbook G4, hopefully a G5 version will be out in the next year or so because I may be able to afford one by then. Lucky for me, I’m enrolled with Information Technology as my major for college, so we use Apple’s a ton. Mostly Power Mac G4’s with OSX 10.2. And I definetly have that WinExpose program (renamed to WinPlosion!) for my Winblows PC.

  3. Yeah, I read /. religiously. Those aren’t really official reports, just user logs from different websites. It’s definetly on an upward trend, just how much of IE’s marketshare it’s taken away so far is unknown.

  4. Yeah, id like to see reports on OS/Browser usage from some group other than the corporates that currently score/report on that data. You know all they do is take the corporate sectors data that is released and average it for the numbers they release.
    How do I say this… I have a hard time believeing the companies call up IBM and say, “So what kind of computers did you buy this year? Any macs?” — all they really do is look at the financial filings under hardware expenses, take that number and turn it into how many PC’s they bought… never a thought or mention of macs, or even a mechanism for that data to be properly included. The whole 3% market share is BS.