Photoshop 8 Screenshots

Re: Photoshon 8 Screenshots

Dear Sir or Madam::

Please find attached a copy of the above-referenced article currently posted on the Alternate website. Adobe cannot and will not confirm or deny the accuracy of any rumor posted on your site. Nonetheless, the article contains confidential information, UI designs and other artwork owned by Adobe that were either directly misappropriated by you or were provided to you by a source in breach of a confidentiality agreement with Adobe. We have not granted you permission to publish these materials and in doing so you infringe upon our trade secret rights and copyrights.

Your publication of unsubstantiated rumors and Adobe intellectual property directly damages our business interests and puts us at a disadvantage vi+his our competitors.

Adobe requests that you immediately remove the above-referenced article from your website and not further disseminate or disclose such article or its contents to any other party. This includes dissemination or disclosure to other rumor sites. Adobe also requests that you not publish or otherwise disclose any other Adobe designs or artwork without its permission, and that you not publish other information about upcoming versions of Adobe products that you know or should know is confidential and proprietary to Adobe. Please confirm your compliance with the foregoing.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. You may contact me with any questions or comments you have.

0 thoughts on “Photoshop 8 Screenshots

  1. what do you mean ‘naming’ it? i bet it’ll be called something wacky like… “Photoshop 8.0″

  2. Is this for real? I hope so.. and not some sorta trickery. Sorry for having doubts… it’s in my nature

  3. Not Fake.

    Adobe likes theese ‘minor’ updates as we have seen in Illustrator witch is up in the 10th edt. now. I think we can just sit back and wait for PS 244, now that will rock.

  4. I hope that’s not what the about box is gonna end up looking like. ill dread opening it every time!

  5. I don’t understand why they havent fixed the biggest problem with photoshop. Every other zoom level is low res. Why cant they make the zoom levels all high res. It baffles me.

  6. This is to Batthasar…You shouldn’t even touch Photoshop if you’re asking questions like that.
    It’s not lowrez. It’s called zooming the pixels (so you can tell what you’re doing when you edit individual pixels). Do you know what a pixel is?