0 thoughts on “WTC & DAM

  1. looks quite cool. i just want to ask one thing though. why do all these tall buildings have to be “the tallest in the world”. give it a couple of years and someone else will have surpassed it. and the buildings arn’t that high, its only the spire thingy that gets that high. I think i might put a big fuck off spire on my house then say its the tallest in the world, then charge tourists £10 to go up a whole three flights of steps.

  2. ha ha. basically, you’re right. it is a giant ‘fuck you’ to the rest of the world, but really the kuala lumpur has been the tallest for a while now, hasn’t it? although there is that japanese one that keeps getting delayed with the giant circle in the center at the top. that ones cool.

    what were we talking about again?