Microsoft 'Accidentally' Overcharges?

(from WiredNews)
Apparently, some MSN customers credit cards were ‘accidentally’ overcharged from $500 to over $1000.

‘By early afternoon, MSN said it had discovered the source of the problem — a glitch in its new billing system software.

“What happened was, MSN was in the process of testing a new billing system, and somehow an erroneous test script got sent out” to the credit-card-processing company in the wee hours of Friday morning, said Melissa Banks, a spokeswoman for Microsoft. ‘

When Bill Gates was questioned about the erroneous charges, he replied “You don’t think I got this rich by writing checks, do you?”
Those scripts, boy. They’ll bite you in the ass. Do you think it’s a coincidence that the spokeswoman’s name is ‘Melissa’? Heh. All of a sudden, my Earthlink account looks like it was a really good idea.